Nick Beer verabschiedet sich aus dem Rennsport!

Nick Beer verabschiedet sich auf Facebook offiziell vom internationalen Downhillracing-Parkett! Schade! Aber nach einer entäuschenden Saison sicher nicht ganz überraschend.

In Nicks Worten:

I would like to let you know that 2016 will be my last year of racing.
It has been a long and great journey racing bicycles since a young age.
Due to my parents who raced bikes themselves, my brother, my sister and me where able to start riding bikes competitive in the early 90’s. Battling Cross Country Races back then with names like Nino Schurter. My Brother and I always wanted to race downhill. Thanks to our parents, we started our first downhill race in the year 2000.
Close to 150 professional and even more amateur races later, I feel blessed that I could achieve many goals on just as off the track.
Riding bikes around the world and meeting people who became friends to me, more than I ever could ask for. To stop racing is nothing to be sad about. I had a great time and I am happy to enter the next chapter.
My journey continues with finishing my studies in mechanical engineering. The last two years have been challenging to handle a full time study and being a professional athlete.
I feel like the timing is just right to stop racing. But for now I am keen and focused to race the World Cup Finals in Andorra and World Champs in Val di Sole!

Thanks to all of you who became friends and supporters! My biggest thank goes out to my family. Without them, I could not have achieved all of this. Thanks!

Cheers and See You Later! ;-)

The bike will always be my friend.

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